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About Brent Council

Our Vision

Our vision is to make Brent a great place to live and work, where people feel that they have opportunities to change their lives for the better. We want to help ensure that residents feel that they and their children are safe and cared for and can achieve well, and that they receive excellent services when they need them. We are working for a Brent where business and enterprise can prosper and where local people can find employment. We are building a Brent with plentiful access to arts, leisure and cultural activities and where people from different backgrounds feel at ease with one another; a place where the principles of fairness, equality, good citizenship and respect for people and place are valued. 

We intend to achieve this vision, even in the context of some of the most pressing financial challenges experienced in public services for decades.

This ambitious vision can be achieved if everyone with a stake in the borough works together with a clear focus on our common goals and we make the best possible use of our resources. We must find new ways of doing things if we are to maintain high standards of service in the face of rising demand and falling funding. We will have to stop doing things when they are no longer effective when their funding can be spent better elsewhere. Our services will have to be more targeted, tailored and localised; and we will have to work much more in partnership.

Council Departments

In the structure of the council, after the elected representatives, the council is organised into departments.

These are:

  • Chief Executive’s Department which drives the core strategies, policies, financial planning and corporate performance for the whole council, making sure that we’re all pulling in the same direction for our residents.
  • Children and Young People Department has the responsibility for improving outcomes for all Brent's children, particularly the most vulnerable. 
  • Community Wellbeing Department brings together adult social care, housing, public health and cultural services, and will contribute to improving health and well-being outcomes for our residents, particularly better targeting resources towards support for vulnerable people.
  • Regeneration, Growth and Environmental Services Department brings together all regeneration and environmental services including: planning, highways, licensing, community safety, employment and skills, public realm and regulatory services.
  • Customer and Digital Services Department is responsible for the council’s customer services (including community hubs) and for driving forward digital and transformation programmes, aimed at making life easier for all of our residents to access and utilise our services.

Political Make-up

We have 63 councillors (also known as members) who are elected across 21 wards. The Full Council of 63 councillors is responsible for agreeing the main policies and priorities for all services, including the council's budget. They meet eight times a year and meetings are open to the public. To view each Councillor's profile, please click here.

The people who stand for election as councillors may belong to one of the national political parties or to a local political party, or they may be completely independent of a political party.

The current political make-up of Brent is:

  • Labour: 59 elected members
  • Conservatives: 3 elected members
  • Liberal Democrat: 1 elected members

The council has a Leader who comes from the majority party. The Leader of the council is Cllr Muhammed Butt. The Leader is responsible for forming a Cabinet which is responsible for implementing the council's policies.

The members also choose a Mayor for Brent each year who promotes Brent locally, nationally and internationally. The current Mayor of Brent is Cllr Ezeajughi.

The Council Structure can be viewed here