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Brent 2020


Brent is The Mayor’s London Borough of Culture for 2020. Our programme will explore the stories, art and emotions that hold life in Brent together, uncovering and celebrating the borough's untold tales and unheard voices.

We are the home of Zadie Smith, reggae, English football and its captains. We have London’s oldest road, the biggest Hindu Temple outside India, the Kiln Theatre and Mahogany Carnival Design. We are where city becomes Metroland; where roads, waterways and railways cross; where outsiders fight for their place. We are Jayaben Desai, George Michael, Cyrille Regis, Keith Moon, Rachel Yankey, Janet Kay, Twiggy, Bob Marley and Trojan Records. It is from this alchemy that our year of culture comes.

Brent is more than a borough of culture: This is the Borough of Cultures.

The Blueprint Collective, a group of inspirational local young people, are the heart and soul of everything we do.

We live in a country that isn’t sure where it’s going. But Brent has never been a place that follows trends: it sets them. As the world's eyes turn to Wembley this year for the semi-finals and final of UEFA Euro 2020 we will show them a place that is new, genuine and hopeful.


The Mayor’s London Borough of Culture award brings Londoners together. A year-long celebration of culture in one of London’s boroughs, we bid for it in 2018, beating 22 others. The prize is money, time and support to put on a year of amazing art, performances and events in Brent, throughout 2020.


Because of the people who live here, who’ve grown here, who’ve come here from all across the world. Because of the amazing culture that those people make and do – the music, the poetry, the dancing, the food, the sounds and the sound clashes.

Because people in the rest of London, and the country, don’t know it, yet.

Don’t feel it, yet.

But they will.

Find out more about Brent 2020 here.