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Image of a row of terraced houses in Brent

Housing in Brent


In 2014 we introduced a new 5 year Housing Strategy, which we are reviewing at the moment.

A housing market that provides a range of housing options to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of Brent's residents, that enables social and economic mobility and that provides access to decent, affordable accommodation for all

And apart from broadening the focus on employment to a wider focus on wellbeing, the five clear strategic priorities:   

  • Housing Supply - To significantly increase the supply of affordable housing
  • Housing and Wellbeing – To promote the wellbeing and reduce social and economic exclusion through an integrated approach to housing and wider service provision
  • Private Rented Sector - To maximise the contribution of the private rented sector to meeting housing need and demand through the provision of decent and well-managed accommodation
  • Homelessness and Allocations - To significantly reduce levels of homelessness and the use of temporary accommodation
  • Social Housing Improvement - To improve the quality of the existing social housing stock and ensure its efficient use

The focus of the consultation is on re-vitalising our approach to action plan and developing a multi-agency action plan to deliver.


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